We know there are not two people alike and we also understand there are no two drivers alike. Our brokers consider many variables when we help you choose the right auto insurance policy specific to your experience and lifestyle. From ‘mom’s taxi’, your motorcycle, off road vehicle even your classic car we can help you choose the right coverage.

Of course, we know, no one likes to spend money on auto insurance, neither do we. Auto insurance, besides being mandatory it provides protection for you and your family from the unexpected. Did you know that because auto insurance is mandatory it renews automatically each year. We all think that an accident cannot happen to us and that if one does occur it will likely be minor. The majority of accidents are minor but major accidents do happen resulting in significant property damage and staggering medical bills totaling millions of dollars.

Auto insurance can respond to a lot more than to vehicle damage. If you choose, it can pay the cost of a rental car while yours is being repaired as a result of claim. There are even helpful coverages available to you even if you do not have an accident. Ask our brokers about roadside assistance, renting a car while on vacation or even allowing someone to drive your vehicle.

Personal Use Car Insurance

You are using your vehicle for personal use if you to travel to and from work, take the kids to the school or hockey practice, picking up the groceries, visiting friends and relatives, and even going on vacation.

Recreational & Off Road Vehicles

Many of our clients love getting outdoors for a leisurely cruise along a trail, hunting and fishing or a family camping trip using their personal use ATV, 6 wheeler, snowmobile, dirt bike, travel trailer or motor-home. Did you know that since April 1, 2007 in Nova Scotia liability insurance is mandatory for off road vehicles? We can help you select the right coverage for your recreational or off road vehicle.


The price for motorcycle is based on the type of bike you have and your driving experience. Just like auto insurance motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement. Unlike auto insurance the price is based on the seasonal use of these vehicles and thus, the premium is generally applied to the months you can drive your bike. Canceling your motorcycle in the off season often does not result in a refund for this reason.

Antique, Classics, and Street Rods

Typically antique and classic cars are over 25 years old, driven infrequently (less than 5000kms per year) and are not used to travel to and from work.

Street Rods refers to vehicles that have been modified. The degree to which the vehicle has been modified will impact its eligibility for this type of auto insurance. Street rod characteristics include significant performance enhancements, structural modifications to the chassis, frame or body, and custom paint jobs valued to $10,000 or more.

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