We understand that where you live is as unique as you are.  

Other than being a mortgage requirement property insurance policies not only protect your home and personal property from fire, windstorm, theft and many other hazards but also it responds to accidental injuries another person may suffer at your residence or to accidental damage you may cause to the property of others.  Our brokers will help you sleep soundly by helping you choose the right home insurance to protect the value of your home, your property and possessions.

Our brokers understand that your home or apartment, cottage or rental property is likely one of the largest investments of time and money for you and your family. We can help you choose the right insurance package bundling the right coverage, options, and price.

Home Insurance

Our professionally trained brokers will assist you in determining the value of your home and personal property, show you how to pull together a personal property inventory, and select the best coverage options for you.

It may be time to review your current home insurance coverage making sure it keeps pace with changes in local conditions. For example, there are more water damage claims resulting from fluctuating weather.

We offer Overland Water Protection to our clients. OVERLAND WATER PROTECTION– covers damage caused by water that suddenly accumulates and enters your property during weather events such as heavy rains, spring run-off. This coverage when combined with sewer backup provides broader, more comprehensive protection for your property against water damage.  Two of the insurers we represent offer enhanced overland water protection while one does not . PORTAGE MUTUAL DOES NOT COVER GROUND WATER  WITH OVERLAND WATER PROTECTION: Aviva Insurance and Intact Do Cover Ground Water

Of course, there are always changes that you and your broker should catch up with, you may have renovated your home, opened a home business, or added to your favourite collection.

At MacDougall’s Insurance, our brokers would be pleased to tell you whether you qualify for discounts for being claims free, a non-smoker, a long term client, having a newer home, mortgage free, a mature policy holder, holding more than one policy with the same company, and we offer a renewal discount.

Apartment and Condo Insurance

If you rent an apartment, a tenant’s insurance package will provide you with protection for your personal property and personal liability. For example, let’s say you accidentally flood your neighbour’s apartment, you may be held responsible for the damage to their apartment and personal property.

Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular in our region. As a condominium owner you could be held responsible for damage you cause to your unit, your neighbour’s unit, and the common areas of the building. A condominium unit owner’s insurance policy can also provide coverage in the event the condominium corporation policy falls short. If you own or are considering condominium ownership you should contact one of our brokers today.

Cottage Insurance

Insurance coverage options for your bungalow, cabin, or cottage are often limited and complicated by wharves or docks. Get in touch with us today so we can arrange the right coverage for you.

Rental Property Insurance

Whether you own multiple rental units or you have single rental property as a landlord you want to make sure you have the right property and liability coverage. A rental property insurance policy can include loss of rental income from an insured loss.


Often boat owners assume their boat is covered under their home insurance policy. There is very limited coverage provided for your boat under your home insurance. Damage to your boat as a resulting of launching your boat or taking out of the water may not be covered. Or in other cases liability protection may not be available in the event someone is hurt due to your negligent operation of your water craft. Boat insurance will not only provide coverage for your boat in and out of the water but also will provide liability protection in the event you negligently cause injury to swimmers or other boats.